Odyssey Homes is bringing modern buying, renting and selling to Thunder Bay like never before.


What's included?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Pay it Forward?” At Odyssey Homes we are taking the opportunity to do just that. After the impact of COVID and inflation we understand that money is tight for many and that selling a home is not always a want, but sometimes a must. For this reason, Odyssey Homes is doing something that is unprecedented- We are moving to a PAY WHAT YOU CAN business model. Moving forward we do not want price to be a barrier to selling your home. Odyssey Homes is happy to reach an agreement with you on a suitable price that fits your budget.

No more monthly promotions of $100 off or save a percentage. Moving forward all Odyssey Homes clients will have the autonomy to choose their pricing. We do still plan on making donations to local charities and continue to hope the community will help us do this.

We have always said Why Pay More for less when you can pay less for more- and we truly stand behind this statement.

It’s time Thunder Bay to be part of something truly amazing- If you are thinking of listing your home for sale or rent or know someone who is – think value – THINK ODYSSEY HOMES

What We Offer:

  • High quality photos showcasing your home 
  • Video walk through allows buyers to imagine themselves living in the space thus driving sales 
  • Endless exposure and continuous marketing via social media platforms 
  • User friendly website giving the buyer a seamless experience when viewing your home 
  • Resources on how to sell privately as well as how to stage your home for maximum profit
  • Night On Us Promotion with all sales- A gift card to any restaurant of your choice



  • All the same services listed above at a reduced cost
  • Contact us for customized pricing if renting more than one property
  • Night On Us Promotion with all rentals-  A gift card to any restaurant of your choice